How We Built the World-Brain and Invented the MediaPlex – a multi-volume Kindle ebook series from Bob Cotton

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In my Kindle ebooks I use resources from mediainspiratorium to trace the invention of the World-Brain (as imagined by H.G. Wells and the Belgian documentarist and information-designer Paul Otlet), and the invention and development of the vast MediaPlex we all live in now in the 21st century. The series of ebooks is called How we built the World-Brain and Invented the MediaPlex. It is of course, an intermedia history of our media-arts (meaning that it is not just about the fine arts and avant-garde arts, but also includes the information arts, the counter-culture arts, the entertainment arts and the digital arts too). It is the most inter-disciplinary history of ‘art’, and includes a history of design as well as overview histories of film, photography, animation, optical entertainments, comics, graphic-design, information-design, games, architecture, fashion, illustration, performance, theatre, coding, music, poetry, literature, science-fiction, art-theory, art-criticism, advertising and propaganda, education, and loads more. Check these out at Amazon: